$10 Off VISUO XS809W Upgraded Version

$10 Off VISUO XS809W Upgraded Version XS809HW 2.4G Foldable RC Quadcopter Wifi FPV Selfie Drone

VISUO XS809HW is a multi-faceted drone with a stupendous and sleek design. In General, flying was a little more complicated than I had first thought, but XS809W has been very adequate to manage and robust enough to survive typical beginner errors are good from the start flying career” was wildly positive, and this is the main motivator not to give up and to learn further.

VISUO XS809W is a pretty affordable quadcopter, but still offers quite solid specs including 2Mpix 720p camera with 120-degree angle, FPV controls over Wi-Fi, 6-axis gyroscope, headless mode, one key return, altitude control, 900 mAh battery and handy remote controller with joysticks for the flying controls so you don’t have to rely on just touch controls on your phone.

É muito bom como brinquedo, apresenta certa estabilidade mas, não funciona direito com G-sensor pelo app do smartphone (IPHONE), ele não responde aos comandos, que me causou certa frustração, mas preciso testar mais app pelo Iphone e tentar corrigir isso.

In addition, perhaps, I should say that the RC Quadcopter I’m a complete ignoramus, so a review from me will be as Amateur, however, almost all of the time we act as beginners and therefore Amateur review enables you to evaluate your own feelings in the early development.

Definitely in addition to all these technical characters, there is no doubt that one of the advantages of this toy is that the camera lens can be turned upwards to see the sky and the horizon, or down for a more complete view and its records of good quality (720p 20fps HD)go directly to a microSD memory card inserted into the VISUO XS809Wor directly to your phone, however the Wi-Fi transmitted video is of lower 640 x 480 pixel VGA resolution.