48v 24ah Lithium Ion 18650 E

48v 24ah Lithium Ion 18650 E

House of Batteries offers rechargeable battery packs in a variety of chemistries and configurations. Meaning the Cycle Analyst lets me know the voltage of the pack when I am riding and shuts down the power if I forget and lets me know if my packs voltage is dropping too low…Similarly, the smart charger makes sure my pack does not get charged over the allowed voltage.

This arrangement does require that the BMS be flashed” to initiate it, which can be done by the charger in charging mode but for discharging, I found that 18500 battery pack shorting the B- and the P- for less than a second initiated the BMS and it then latched itself on, so I installed a reset button.

Question: If put two connectors at the controller end (creating a possible parallel connection) plug in the Whale” charger at 17.5 Amp and turn it on to pre-load and open the controller, and then on the second parallel connector plug in the 20 amp Ebay” battery (both Ebay” and Whale” are li-ion, 48v but different ampages and cell manufactures: Panasonic and Sanyo).

In view of the fire risk associated with small vehicles powered by lithium ion batteries – including the AirWheel, Solowheel, Hoverboards and mini Segways, and other self-balancing scooters – Cathay Pacific has announced a ban on the carriage of such vehicles and related accessories in both checked and cabin baggage on all Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon flights with effect from 9 December 2015.

If the dead cell could be removed from the pack by an electronic or safety system (power transistor, fuse, physical removal &/or replacement) the rest of the parallel cells could continue functioning with a much smaller decrease in usable pack capacity.