A Review of Herbalife Shake: Are the Results Worth It?

So many buyers hit the market to buy the products they believe will give the what they want. When you go out looking for the best Herbalife shake, let’s admit it. Your purchasing decision will be highly based on how reputable the brand name of the product you are buying is.

However, today we find so many companies that are selling well because of the reputation that they built in the past years but their current products do not match the reputation built in the past. In this post, we will do a review of the meal replacement shake produced by Herbalife, one of the top brands in its industry.

Company Reputation

Herbalife is a global company with more popularity among people in their thirties and less popular among the young population. Herbalife produces products that help people manage their weight. Among the products it produces are meal replacement shakes, snacks and other food supplements that come in form of capsules, not forgetting Formula 1 among shakes. Generally, Herbalife has had a great contribution to the health nutrition sector.

This is a Brand Name, Not the Race

People have often confused the company with the world-famous racing champion but this is just because of the similarity in the names. In detail, the Herbalife brand is advertised as a whole delicious drink that enhances body energy because of the vital nutrients served in the drink. One feature that sets Herbalife out of the ordinary is its content of herbs and fibers which go a long way to minimize food cravings.

Brand Pros & Cons

In the nutrition market, brands always seek to find a way of being uniquely identified, some choose to be identified in terms of their prices for instance “very expensive” meal replacement shake, others choose to be identified by potency. Looking at Herbalife shake, it has captured its section of the market because of its brand. The price of the shakes is affordable in comparison to other alternatives with the same quantities and benefits. Looking closely at the quality of this shake, you will judge that there are more cons than pros:

1. The Herbalife protein shake is packaged with sugar. You may try to look at this as being a pro but it is actually a con. However, this cannot be seen as advantageous when you consider the implications on weight. Sugar content does not reduce on weight in any way because scientifically, the quantity of sugar is equal to the quantity of protein and thus a hindrance to weight reduction. You will quickly judge that packing only 9 grams of the main nutrient is not sufficient for a shake that is put on the market as a diet supplement.

2. In the information on this shake especially the formula 1, you will find that soy is one of the herbalife ingredients. It has been proved in nutritional studies that protein from soy bean is never a good option no matter what your needs are. There is a lot of danger associated with soy protein as you will find on the internet and in summary, these are the implications; kidney stones, possible damage to your brain, breast cancer for the female users and many other negative outcomes.


Of course, to get the best picture of the results got from using this shake, we have got to use the reviews of the users. On Amazon, herbalife reviews rating of 4.1 out of 5.0. This is an indication that most of the reviews are positive which means most users are receiving the results they expected from this shake. Customers are most delighted about the herbalife shake flavors. Others have expressed satisfaction about its texture and others admit that it does well will with reducing fat. Going for $40 a pack, Herbalife shake is probably the best Herbalife shake.

Is the Herbalife Shake Worth It?

Definitely you would want to spend your dollars on the best Herbalife shake, in spite of the quite controversial brand of formula 1, Herbalife shake has found favor among these customers that buy it. As many people do not want to increase in size, they are at times skeptical about buying the Herbalife shake because of the presence of soy. But considering that it is a quite affordable product and its moderate potency enable the shake to keep its share of the supplements market. Of course, there will always be better options but these will often demand a bigger budget.