A Vaccine To Quit Smoking

A Vaccine To Quit Smoking

The two medicines involved in a new stop smoking shot – the SMARTTM Shot – has been around for about ten years, Scopolamine and Atarax, and are now FDA approved for stop smoking aids. In these pages you will learn about these developments and how they can help you or a loved one quit smoking for good. I would say the biggest downside to the shots is the inconvenience of getting the shot itself not to mention that from all the reports I have read it is tough to find a doctor and a clinic who are comfortable administering the shots. Specialist smoking therapists are trained to deal with all the ups and downs that come with kicking the habit and can drastically increase your chances of success. Most common side effects of stop smoking shot are redness and itchiness at the site of the injection.

If you’re able to stay quit after 7 to 12 weeks of bupropion your provider may have you keep taking it for some time afterward to help keep you from going back to smoking. E-Cigarettes are not guaranteed to help stop smoking but they may be healthier and some users find them to be a useful first step when looking to quit.

While they were not directly compared, researcher Stephen I. Rennard, of the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, says the vaccine’s quit rates are comparable to those associated with other smoking cessation aids. Before your quit date, shock yourself out of your routine by foregoing your usual brand and smoking using a different hand. This type of injection does not use atropine, due to it’s side effects of increasing the heart rate.

While that sounds pretty high all you need to do is price out some of the other smoking cessation products and you will find this is not all that bad. By using this method, you are able to rid you of the smoking habit in a relative short time. Everything you just read is absolutely true and just a few of the key benefits (to say the least) of the breakthrough Quit 1-2-3® Stop Smoking Treatment. It is a mistake to depend upon just one stop smoking aid, even one as effective as the quit smoking shot.

NRTs do not deliver the numerous toxic agents delivered through smoking, such as those that cause or promote cancer and respiratory illness, which are actually those that account for the greater harm suffered through smoking. Rare and dangerous side effects can occur when the ingredient atropine is given in high doses; these include coma, hallucinations, heart attack and stroke. We provide you with behavior modification exercises prior to your first visit to help you address the mental part of the addiction and to make your smoking cessation process both easy and enjoyable.