Cognitive Rehabilitation Theory Clearly Explained by Dr. Curtis Cripe

Neuroscience is a field of subject that establishes a theory on human nerve cycle and how the system affects or reacts to different criterions and effects. The advancement of neuroscience with the progress of general medical science can be compared to a phenomenal level. Dr. Curtis Cripe , a famous neuro-engineer explains a process called as Cognitive Rehabilitation, which circles about a therapy and allows a patient recover from some critical neurological disorders.

Dr. Curtis Cripe’s take on Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive Rehabilitation therapy or CRT is a neurological therapy, administered for all those recovering patients, who might have encountered a serious neuro or a brain related disorders by some means. This therapy allows the person to return to regular life after a series of medications and precautions.

Uses of CRT applies to those,

  • Overcoming Physiological Issues: CRT focuses in bringing the patients senses to a place, where they will find it easier to distinguish between right and wrong. Why, because after some serious operations, a person loses hope mentally on returning to old ways and this can affect health by other means. CRT focuses these issues very carefully and assures the patients of a quicker recovery.
  • Memory Restorations: Restorations of memory is a vital point to the patients, especially for those, who might have encountered a physical injury and lost all the past memories. CRT can help those patients and avoid them falling in to issues like short term memory losses disorders.
  • From Diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer, Paralysis: Recovery from either of the three disorders requires immense screening of the patients in treatment, and most of the time after the treatment, the sense gets slower and the need of CRT arises.

The therapy of cognitive rehabilitation is set to cover, most of the patient’s issues related to neurophysiological aspects. The persons who will matter in CRT are,

  • Speech Language experts: In some cases, issues related to speech ariseand an immediate assistance by the experts can assure to counter impairments related to speech.
  • Psychiatrists: It is very common for a recovering person to face emotional and mental outbreak, during a recovery period and in predominant cases, the backfire seems very critical and this will require the help from psychiatrists.
  • Physiotherapists: Physiotherapists will assure recovery process, with some of the physical therapy, which eases a quicker recovery plans on major cases.

CRT proves to be a therapy with some influential returns to the patients. The rate at which recovery takes place is over the limits. Right from developing positive attitude towards life and helping the cause of self-assessment with the therapy often gets higher and faster results.

Dr. Curtis Cripe , an expert neuro-engineer has assessed the therapy to be a pleasing experience to the patients, which reduces the chances of post operation or traumatic dreams/ thoughts to drain down to a large extent. Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy is that scientific method, which is available in some of the major health units across major hospitals/ asylums and rehabilitation centers in major places.