Cookie Clicker Beta

Cookie Clicker Beta

Treat Clicker Hack was made for change every single constrained thing to boundless. For example once you unlock both the Cookie clicker cheats” and Cookie Accelerator”, upgrade only 1 point for the Cookie Cloner” and then buy the Cookie Accelerator” because it provides you with an increase of 300 CPS while the Cookie Cloner” only grants you an additional 100 CPS increase with an insanely expensive upgrade price for the second level.

This idle production is known as your base CPS and can be seen anytime from the Stats menu or simply by touching nothing on the screen for 30 seconds or so. Upgrades like the Autoclicker”, Grandmas”, Baker” and Cookie Factories” are a few initial perks to increase your CPS.

Despite all these in game options to help you out with your thirst for Golden Cookies, if you still feel a hunger for more, than you need to put a point in the perk Golden Rain” and subsequently its higher levels which provide great benefits to those who have chosen the Clicker” style of play.

As far as I know, the Grand matriarchs being displeased doesn’t actually have any negative effects apart from having red cookies appear, and even then, sometimes a red cookie gives you 666x cookies for six seconds which more than makes up for the bad cookie effects.

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