How Essential is the Role of Mattresses in Bringing Relief to Your Back Pain?

The correlation between poor sleep and chronic back pain

Is your back pain really acute and is increasing day by day? Know this that standing against back pain you are not always completely powerful. Back pains are very closely related to how you sleep every night. During our slumber we are unaware of the position that we take but, that can potentially either alleviate or reduce back pain. Similarly, what you sleep on i.e. the mattress also contributes in either increasing or preventing this troublemaker. You will find plenty of Nectar Sleep Reviews over the internet. A regular practice of sleeping on the right mattress and in the correct positions not just helps in relieving this pain but also acts as a catalyst in permanent elimination of the same.

A restorative and peaceful night’s sleep depends a lot on the support that the five regions of your spine receives including neck, upper back/ mid-back, low back,  sacral spine(lower back) and the tailbone (coccyx). Stress and anxiety also creates a vicious cycle that can often lead to such physical pain through poor quality sleep.

Which mattress works best for back pain?

It is a fact that there isn’t a specific mattress type that can fix all kinds but, back pain sufferers usually prefer a mattress that is firm enough to provide through-and-through to the entire spine. Since a mattress contributes in this case, it is wise to first try it before making decisions of committing to it. For, instance you’ll find in many Nectar Sleep Reviews that Nectar Mattress comes with a 365 days guarantee which means that you can try it out for a whole year and if it doesn’t suit you can return it. Plus, you won’t be charged for any shipping. Cool, isn’t it? This certainly will give you a better inspection and testing opportunity.

Relation of mattress types with back pain


This mattress type responds to temperature and pressure and accordingly conforms to the body. One of its greatest benefits is motion isolation and its ability to equally distribute the body weight across the mattress. At the same time it is so ideal for stomach-sleepers and pressure points might be aggravated due to too much firmness.


This one provides just about the right firmness that back sufferers require and is better than the mattresses with innerspring in cradling the body. Thus, compared to memory foam ones, this is more buoyancy. Perhaps the only downside to it is its expensive price tag. Reviews for this type is great.


Yes, it some are allergic to latex and because at times latex mattresses have a motion and odor issue, you might want to settle for another type. But, do consider that it offers a firmness that’s better than foam, is extremely comfortable for its high-point elasticity and controls temperature unlike other mattress materials.


These mattresses are equipped with adjustable air-filled chambers that help pressure to be uniform across the mattress. If you share the bed with someone, you won’t be forced to share the mattress firmness that your partner wants.