How Should You Treat A Dead Toenail?

How Should You Treat A Dead Toenail?

Aliexpress is the best place to come to find useful dead toenail removal reviews. Anyways, I just cleaned off the nail polish from my toes and clipped them and found my nail fungus is dead toenail almost gone – certainly the patches of discoloration on the nail bed are gone, and the nail pieces that I took off had some crumbling but far less than before.

If you have a difficult to treat fungal nail infection, or if you have a suppressed immune system or diabetes , your podiatrist may recommend removal of the affected toenail to prevent the infection from spreading to other toenails or beyond your feet.

I had seen your previous post about your experience with the partial nail removal back in January when I was looking for information and now this one about the complete removal as I was perusing for information to prepare me for what is under that bandage.

I have had a fungal nail for the past 10 years,ive tried almost everything to get rid but nothing has worked,I find it very depressing and my toes are really horrible,every toenail on my right foot is infected,I think my nail bed on my big to is badly damaged and all my tonails are really thick and crumbly yellow colour,in winter I just cover up wearing socks and boots but in summer I cant wear anything that shows my toes,I try to disguise them with nail varnish but my nails are so thick.

It did occasionally come off, in which case a dab of superglue worked a treat (apart from the time it ran and I glued my toe to my sandal…..whole other story, advise caution and bare feet if gluing nail back on…). The false one was just glued to the nail bed which sounds yuck but was fine.