How to choose bootstrap site builder and not to lose money

“How to choose a site designer?” The question arises involuntarily among users who have decided to independently create their own virtual representation. With so many existing programs that specialize in the construction of portals, the following recommendations will be very useful to many:

  • Avoid a complex network address. The second-level domain name ( is always preferable to the third-level domain name ( The short name of the portal is much better remembered and ranked higher in the ranking of search engines. In addition, once you buy a domain, you will be sure that it will remain unchanged, and the address of the web page will always belong to you.
  • Select constructors with backup data saving. Especially relevant to this fact for those who often update the content of the resource.
  • Give preference to designers with the options you need. Before you select a site builder, you need to get a clear idea of the purpose for which the web page will be created. If you plan to start an online store, then you need to give preference to designers specializing in this field.
  • Look for designers with the ability to eventually transfer the resource to another hosting. There is always a possibility that in connection with the development of the portal you will have a desire to switch to a more powerful hosting. In order to avoid a headache in the future, make sure that the designer chosen by you does not prevent the transfer of your virtual representation to another hosting.

General recommendations

Let’s sum up all of the above to have a complete idea of how to choose bootstrap site builder. On the basis of all factors the conclusion suggests – each of the programs has advantages and disadvantages. It remains to find one whose advantages are most relevant to you. With its help you can create a pretty decent portal and successfully promote it on the Internet. Gradually, with the development of business, you can add additional blocks and plug-ins.

In view of the great competition, each of the resources tries to attract as many customers as possible. Therefore, almost all the designers of web pages have a simple interface and have a set of templates, which allows even a student with a small effort to create his own portal.

Overview of site constructors

Now that you have a general idea of how to choose a site builder, consider the most popular programs to date.

  • For beginners, such designers as A5 and Setup are perfect. An accessible step-by-step instruction distinguishes these programs.
  • For those who prefer simplicity and convenience in use, it is worth paying attention to Nethouse.
  • Who needs a site-card, you need help
  • And for those who conceived to open their own online store can not do without the resource Umi.
  • Redham is easy to use, but, unfortunately, provides free access only for 30 days.
  • Ucoz stood at the source of the discovery of designers of virtual sites. With its help, you can create almost any kind of page, its functionality is impressive. However, in order to work with it, you need to have a certain set of knowledge.
  • Wix is a powerful foreign project, which was worked on by a team of professional developers. Many believe that this project is the best of its kind, because with its help you can launch a worthy attention to a virtual platform with various functionalities. A great set of tools will help in creating a blog, a business card site or an online store.

When choosing a designer, you should prioritize first. Are you ready to ensure that there is outside advertising on your portal, but you had the opportunity to use all the necessary modules? Or maybe you are satisfied with the option to make the resource easier, but you will know for sure that there will be no advertising? The choice is yours. Find the optimal combination of program features for you and start working on your project