How to choose the right breast implant revision specialist?

More than often doctors and specialists only specialize in the primary breast augmentation procedure where he or she places the implant. But, very few actually specialize in breast implant revisions where a patient may either need to replace or remove the breast implant. Thus, the choice of a breast implant revision specialist becomes so important.

If you want to achieve the best and effective cosmetic result after the revision surgery, you must undergo the procedure in safe and experienced hands. If you carefully choose the right specialist, you will be ensured an attractive pair of breasts at the end of the revision procedure.

There are many surgeons that are skilled in performing breast implant revision surgeries but, how many do you think have the required experience, expertise and certification to perform the surgical procedure particularly on you? Leaving that, you also need a consultant in the shape of a breast implant revision surgeon who holds a personality that is easy to approach with your queries. So, there are a few major factors that must influence your final pick for a breast implant revision specialist.


Breast implant revision doctors who are certified by ABMS (American Board for Medical Specialties or ABPS (American Board of Plastic Surgery) are good to go with for your revision surgery. These boards guarantee that the certified doctors will provide the best care and also maintain high standards at the same time. Thus, you’ll have the confidence while going through the procedure as you will be cared for by a licensed professional having an in-depth educational background.

Training & experience:

Usually, cosmetic surgeons offer a wide range of procedures but, in actuality only specialize in one or two. They are generally, the areas in which the doctor takes the most interest and thus, accordingly take additional education and undergo specialized training for the same.

It is best to choose the doctors who have a vast experience in performing breast implant revision surgery. So, be sure to inquire the doctors about the specialization that they have the most experience in. You will identify a prospective surgeon as they do not hesitate to give you the list of institutes from where they have gathered their special training from. However, plastic surgeons are in a continuous process of learning newer procedures and techniques and it is a lifelong process.

Patient Testimonials, referrals:

Please note that a qualified surgeon will always gladly discuss their qualifications with you when you contact them to consult about a breast revision surgical procedure. There are some doctors who are open to displaying articles about their cases on their website, while others prefer discussing them over an office appointment.

So, if the information is not previously there on the website, do not hesitate to ask the specialist for printed testimonials of satisfied patients and “before and after” images of previous patients breast implant revision surgery results. There are some surgeons who also take the initiative of putting present prospective patients in touch with those that have previously undergone this surgical procedure.