How to increase your minds cognitive thinking

Just as our body benefits from doing a number of physical exercises, aerobics, weight lifting and stretching, as does our mind, by doing a number of different brain exercises you might possibly be able to increase your cognitive thinking. But sometimes understanding what kind of exercise you should do with your brain can be misunderstood and slightly misleading. But this is plausible because the scientific understanding in regards to brain plasticity and fitness are still ‘alien’ however we’ve all heard the common advice like- do a crossword, or do plenty of ready. At the end of the day everyone wants to have an effective brain. It will give you loads of benefits in life- better memory for when your conducting your best financial betting, sharper wits when you your taking that last minute free kick or precise patience when you trying to sew up that dress.

Needless to say, working out your brain is considered to be of use and can improve your cognitive thinking, and here are some the best ways to do this:

Grow new neurons

Your brain is a shelter filled with literally billions of cells that contain a cell nucleus, axons, dendrites, and synapses. One proven way to grow new neurons is that of the common norm… learning. Like the body, the brain needs to be maintained, so don’t get lazy! By the continuation of doing things you already do such as sports, reading, puzzles, crafts, music will keep the brain active but not make it grow. To make it grow you need to teach yourself something different, maybe even something out of your comfort zone. Neuroplasticity of the brain, or the ability to grow new brain cells, happens if you take charge and expose your brain to something different thus creating more neurons enhancing your minds cognitive thinking.

Teach yourself something new

Testing yourself and teaching yourself something new will help the enhancement of cognitive thinking.  Learn to juggle, dance, and play a musical instrument, anything new. The will test the brain and development more cells. Finding anything that can cause a challenge mentality can help develop and increase your cognitive thinking

Perform neurobic exercises

Neurobics are exercises designed to help the growth of the brain and the cognitive thinking. The primarily basis of this form of mental training involves using the senses to stimulate new brain pathways. Think of ways to challenge your brain by altering your sensory perception, do your daily activities but make them harder, challenge the normal:

  • Get dressed with your eyes shut or blind folded
  • Where headphones while communicating
  • Use your non-dominant hand for routine activities
  • Write with your non dominant hand

Strategy-based training

The most common form of increasing your cognitive thinking is by involving yourself in strategy-based training exercises. Play some strategy brain games such as Sudoku, word searches or cross words even challenge yourself again other. Friendly competition helps the brain force out new cells enabling you to tap into your cognitive thinking faster than you would alone.