Learn how to Taste Wine Like a Professional from Bennett Kireker

People have been tasting wine for several years now and have been making money as wine tasters. So, you must be wondering what special thing does they do which you don’t. In order to taste wine like a professional and understand how to assess a wine for its qualities and point out its faults you will need to have certain skills. Bennett Kireker is passionate about wine and has worked as a wine salesman for United Cellars, a company which is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

About Wine Tasting by Bennett Kireker

He has worked in the company for a year and then went to New York to start his own wine tasting club. He says that in order to taste wine like a professional one needs to have a greater understanding on the grape, the history of the wine, the chemistry behind its production.

It is important to keep in mind that wine drinking, wine evaluating, or tasting requires different skill sets. Tasting wine is more for teaching to help you recognize the wine. On the other hand, evaluating wine involves a deeper understanding and a more critical look at the wine.

  • The first step to taste is wine is to understand that there is no right or wrong taste. Just like food, the first taste of the wine should start with your eyes. The wine color can tell a lot about the wine. It is recommended to tilt the glass a bit when holding it to recognize its color. Ideally you should hold the wine over a white surface to recognize the depth of color from the rim to the center of the glass.
  • Once you have looked at the wine the next thing that you need to do is taste the wine. You will need to swirl, sniff and smell the wine in order to taste like a professional. It is important that you swirl the glass gently before smelling it as it allows oxygen to enter into the wine, which help to release its odors.
  • Now that you are done with looking and smelling the wine you will need to taste it. Tasting a wine includes something more than just your sense of taste as it should focus on the primary sensations of salt, sweet, sour, and bitter which are experienced on the top of your tongue through the taste- buds. Also pay attention to the texture of the wine.

So, it can be said that there is a big difference between tasting a wine and drinking it. Tasting is more like giving a wine its last exam. When tasting wine, you assess the structure, balance, level of sweetness, palate feel, complexity, acidity and length of the finish of the wine.

Bennett J Kireker is highly passionate about wines and the Wine Club NYC that he runs has grown to 50 members since its inception. Apart from this, he is also is passionate about a lot of things such as skiing, golf, and basketball.