los angeles Maddalena (nine Włodkowica)

los angeles Maddalena (nine Włodkowica)

los angeles Maddalena is a fascinating eating place inside the town centre specialising in Mediterranean cuisine. The menu includes light lunch dishes (presenting a each day lunch menu), soups, pasta, first rate dishes with meat, fish and seafood. All observed via veggies, frequently served in a surprising, appealing manner (cauliflower couscous, leek mousse, beetroot gel or potatoes with saffron). The vicinity attracts now not only with its well-composed menu but also with elegant layout, pizza wroclaw which does now not lack man or woman. It turns l. a. Maddalena into a great spot for a small own family or business assembly as well as for establishing a big birthday celebration.

Va Bene (fifty one Rynek [Market Square])

Va Bene, a trattoria located in the marketplace square, is extraordinarily popular now not simply because of wonderful meals however also way to its vicinity and interior, recognised for a completely unique end of the ceiling. The eating place belongs to the top of Italian restaurants in Wrocław because of liked gadgets inside the menu, together with pasta, pizza in addition to Mediterranean meat and fish. aside from the normal menu, the eating place serves seasonal dishes, based on fragrant seasonal vegetables, fruit and spices. what’s greater, Va Bene gives breakfasts and lunches, too. In spring or summer, we suggest journeying the cosy garden from where you may admire the ancient marketplace rectangular.

l. a. Scala (38 Rynek [Market Square])

every other Italian eating place which may be located within the marketplace rectangular is los angeles Scala. For several years, this fashionable trattoria has specialised in Italian pizza, casseroles, pasta and meat dishes. because of its extraordinary region, l. a. Scala is an ideal vicinity for lunch or dinner with a person close to you. In summer, many guests choose the snug garden to hide from the solar and respect the nearby tenement homes and monuments with a chilly drink and some tasty pasta.

Novocaina (thirteen Rynek [Market Square])

This listing in reality have to mention one of the maximum famous restaurants in Wrocław. Novocaina is a stunning region in the marketplace rectangular. Its design flawlessly matches the art nouveau fashion of the tenement house in which it’s miles located. The atmospheric, fashionable indoors has a warm and cosy individual, followed by numerous masterpieces and historic fixtures. The menu is pretty huge and contains, other than traditional Mediterranean dishes, local dishes of northern Italy. notwithstanding the truth that the restaurant specialises in culinary classics, you will now not be disenchanted with the shortage of modern contact.