Marc Hagins Finds Television to be a Growing Problem

Television has become a key part of one’s lives in the 21st century. Technology is continuously improving and each day newer televisions with clearer service, bigger screens, and nonstop programs are increased. With these permanent upgrades, more and more individuals are relying on television to amuse and spend their time on. They do not understand that this dependence on television is forming an addiction that brings forth unconstructive effects, which includes health threats as well as an increase in violent behavior. It is a grave problem that is starting to show effects on one’s nation’s spectators. They need to deal with this problem and decipher how to resolve it, or our nation’s youth will be significantly affected by this problem.

Marc Hagins states some of the significant consequences of watching television

Television viewing has many significant consequences, the primary being that it creates an obsession. Many viewers markedly view television, spending hours on end sitting and staring idiotically at the television. These viewers cannot help but stop and gaze at the television monitor as if they are hysterically drawn toward it. Television is meant as a distraction and escapes from the troubles of everyday life. Individuals cannot help sitting down and relaxing to the TV and deflecting their attention away from the hardships and struggles of their day-to-day issues. As Marc Hagins says, some viewers confess that they walk into a room and instinctively turn on the TV without a second thought. This uncontrollable obsession becomes a second nature to many spectators.

As a result of uninhibited television viewing, these kids are powerless to sit still and are forming many illnesses. The last problem connected with television viewing is that it creates more aggression and increases violence in younger viewers. As a result of the technology development, many more channels are being created and there is a new wave of aggressive programs on the air. Young kids have the ability to flip through channels to watch whatever amuses them. They may stumble upon some programs, which display ridiculous brutality and killing. By viewing these programs frequently, they may think that this violent behavior is commonplace and normal. Not only are these violent programs responsible, but also programs such as the news, which display fighting and war all around the world. It may not seem perilous, but constant coverage to pain and dying may have a huge impact on young kids’ developing minds.

Although there is no way to entirely avoid television, there are some precautionary steps provided by Marc Hagins that can aid to diminish the risk of these undesirable side effects. In order to put off an addiction to television, parents can direct and restrict the amount that their children view. When viewing television, you are spending the time you can replace with hours of physical activity or exercise. So parents can take preventative measures to standardize the programs that their kids watch, being careful not to expose their kids to too much meaningless violence. The majority of these troubles can be solved in regulating the quantity being watched. Everything should be done in restraint and making sure not to spend too much doing one solo activity.