Energy Healer and Medical Intuitive – Combining Both Abilities Into One Individual

The combined aspects of an Energy Healer and a Medical Intuitive into one individual has an intense effect for the one who is in quest of a form of complete healing. This person brings a unique capability to the healing process that is not found in those who are just Medical Intuitive or Energy Healers.

Dr. Pankaj Naram is a master healer and an authority in Ancient Siddha-Veda Secrets, including marma shakti and pulse reading. Many Energy Healers are able to see the blocked or disrupted energies on the different levels of a person’s body. They may also spot disruption in the aura fields surrounding the physical body. What affects one feature of the body has an effect on all the other levels of the body directly or indirectly. The Energy Healer may or may not have a total understanding for the reason or the correlation between the diverse disruption or/and blockages of energies they encounter with the disease or illness. For this reason they may not be able to aid the individual to have an inclusive healing.

Medical Intuitive have total insight to an individual’s health; when given the permission, have the ability to help cure the person. They have the ability to monitor the individual on all the energy levels. The Medical Intuitive also searches for any blocked or disrupted energies in the four levels of the body, and in the aura field. When a disturbance in the energy flow goes unresolved, it may lead to a blockage which could cause an disease or illness for the individual. The Medical Intuitive has the ability to follow the disease or illness back to the primary source in the disruption of the energies. This disruption of the energy fields may be caused from external sources or from past generations. The information the person receives from the Medical Intuitive helps to give insight as to their present health condition. Medical Intuitive are only able to give insight or information that is existing at the time of the reading.

Dr. Pankaj Naram is also an Ayurvedic doctor and has more than twenty three years of experience of treating people from all over globe. The potential outcome for a complete healing is astronomical when these two abilities are combined in one individual. The reason for this is there is no longer a misunderstanding or a separation between the two views that a Medical Intuitive may have and those of the Energy Healer. When a Medical Intuitive and an Energy Healer are one in the same he/she has the ability to comprehend the reasons for the blockages or disruption in the energies. When such a person is presented with an illness or ailment he/she is not only able to help make a change in the energies surrounding the illness or malady, but he/she is also able to aid and guide the individual to the preliminary source of the illness. This is extremely significant for the individual because he is no longer just treating the symptoms of the illness but also addressing the source of the illness.

Why Is Strategic Planning Important For Your Business?

If you are the owner of a business, it is very important for you to ensure that your business heads in the right direction. Many entrepreneurs classify strategic planning in different ways. Some believe it should be done only once a year others think it denotes the market position while the rest feel it is a kind of report based on a business model or an idea.

What do you mean by business strategy for your company ?

Steve Sorensen says that strategic planning is considered to be the basic framework on which the said business operates. This process involves thinking about the world and the impending business. It is basically a mental exercise and process to be innovative and creative at the same time. It serves as the core framework of the business as this will design its future.

Business plans and success…

Strategic planning has a direct and immediate influence on the prospects of your organization and company. This planning creates a large impact on your business whatsapp status in english about life. Mr. Sorensen says there is a fine line between being reactive and proactive. You are able make decisions and react to the dynamic market conditions with the goal in mind. He says that the results of the business can never be foreseen.

The purpose of establishing direction

The strategic plan of the business will always establish and define the purpose of the company. It is the onus of the businessman to create goals that are realistic in nature. The objectives of the company should meet and match its mission. This should be clearly communicated to its constituents. The strategic plan will create and provide a base via which the progress of the business can be measured and the employees compensated. The right boundaries should be established for successful decision making and planning.

Business decisions that are wise and prudent

As a business owner, it is crucial for you to distinguish between a good idea and a bad idea. It is here you would need a clear and defined vision to get what you wish to achieve. The mission or the purpose for doing everything must be an effective idea. You should be aware of the project you want to invest in. The time you and your staff should invest in should also be considered. In short, you must have clarity about what you need and how to reach there. There should be focus on both the financial and people resources at the same time too.

Steve Sorensen says that the business strategic plans that you make should also contribute to the longevity of the business. Every company should have a solid foundation and not rely on mere luck when it comes to the operation of business. Owners should not rely on luck and opportunity alone when they are about to operate business. It is also important for the strategic plan to focus on the needs of your employees so that they are satisfied. This will lead to greater productivity of your business with success, he says!

FIFA 10 The Next-Gen Soccer Video Game

Here is my two cents on FIFA 10 video game;

Graphics: The graphics of this version of FIFA is superiorly much better than the previous versions of the game. The players look more realistic and can be compared to that of PES 2009(although it is much better). The player’s shirts, shorts, and hair move and their breath on a cold, snowy day can be seen. The facial features of the players can be seen more clearly. This is probably THE next-gen head soccer unblocked game experience.

Available Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, PC, Nintendo DS, N-Gage, PSP, Cell Phone, and the iPhone through the AppStore.

New Features:

To make sure that the attacking team doesn’t have an advantage on the counter attack, the defensive line or “the defense” will be positioned deeper. This was done improve the realism of game play.

360 Degree Dribbling System – A new system which allows players to make more ‘precise’ passes. These ‘precise’ passes were not able to be made in previous versions of the game.

Improved Features:

Manager Mode: Now, making a 5-star team is much harder. This means you can’t just buy many highly-rated players and expect your team to become a 5-star team. You have to gain experience with your team. Another cool thing is that your pre-season friendly matches are organized by your ASSISTANT MANAGER! I thought that this was pretty cool.

A.I. has been improved.

Set-piece delivery has been improved. This means that scoring goals or crossing from a free kick/corner is much easier.

David Ruther revealed the following features on his Twitter account:

The wall defending against a free kick can be moved through use of the shoulder button.

The game will not feature dynamic lighting.

Cross-park passes are now generally a lot more driven, and will take about half the time to cross the pitch.

You can assign specific stadiums to clubs.

On cold days, it may snow, and players’ breath will be visible.

There will be new crowd effects.

There will be a new training mode, similar to the one in the PS2 version.

In the additi0n one more famous game 4th and goal unblocked play this game at

How to increase your minds cognitive thinking

Just as our body benefits from doing a number of physical exercises, aerobics, weight lifting and stretching, as does our mind, by doing a number of different brain exercises you might possibly be able to increase your cognitive thinking. But sometimes understanding what kind of exercise you should do with your brain can be misunderstood and slightly misleading. But this is plausible because the scientific understanding in regards to brain plasticity and fitness are still ‘alien’ however we’ve all heard the common advice like- do a crossword, or do plenty of ready. At the end of the day everyone wants to have an effective brain. It will give you loads of benefits in life- better memory for when your conducting your best financial betting, sharper wits when you your taking that last minute free kick or precise patience when you trying to sew up that dress.

Needless to say, working out your brain is considered to be of use and can improve your cognitive thinking, and here are some the best ways to do this:

Grow new neurons

Your brain is a shelter filled with literally billions of cells that contain a cell nucleus, axons, dendrites, and synapses. One proven way to grow new neurons is that of the common norm… learning. Like the body, the brain needs to be maintained, so don’t get lazy! By the continuation of doing things you already do such as sports, reading, puzzles, crafts, music will keep the brain active but not make it grow. To make it grow you need to teach yourself something different, maybe even something out of your comfort zone. Neuroplasticity of the brain, or the ability to grow new brain cells, happens if you take charge and expose your brain to something different thus creating more neurons enhancing your minds cognitive thinking.


Teach yourself something new

Testing yourself and teaching yourself something new will help the enhancement of cognitive thinking.  Learn to juggle, dance, and play a musical instrument, anything new. The will test the brain and development more cells. Finding anything that can cause a challenge mentality can help develop and increase your cognitive thinking


Perform neurobic exercises

Neurobics are exercises designed to help the growth of the brain and the cognitive thinking. The primarily basis of this form of mental training involves using the senses to stimulate new brain pathways. Think of ways to challenge your brain by altering your sensory perception, do your daily activities but make them harder, challenge the normal:

  • Get dressed with your eyes shut or blind folded
  • Where headphones while communicating
  • Use your non-dominant hand for routine activities
  • Write with your non dominant hand


Strategy-based training

The most common form of increasing your cognitive thinking is by involving yourself in strategy-based training exercises. Play some strategy brain games such as Sudoku, word searches or cross words even challenge yourself again other. Friendly competition helps the brain force out new cells enabling you to tap into your cognitive thinking faster than you would alone.


Queen Anne Done Up In Designer Style Looks

Queen Anne Done Up In Designer Style Looks

Beckham is aware of the electricity of tailoring and is frequently visible in menswear-stimulated portions, like a knee-duration coat and clever trousers. a lot in order that I couldn’t face up to the umber-discounted rate in line with glasses if i were given 3…and it is able to have taken me a millennium and infinite inquiries of the gentleman if THIS pair was adequate on me…however I did it. 3 pairs  backless romper in distinct color and forms of much less that i’ve paid for cheapness at dept stores.

you know, we have dresses that I clearly assume appearance better when you have greater of a bust or extra of a hip.. or some thing it’s miles. this is why, in a group, it need to be as numerous as you may be. I suppose there must be options for quite a few distinct styles of bodies and ladies.

you could say Siriano is having a moment: Michelle Obama wore one in all his dresses to the Democratic country wide convention in July, he featured 5 plus-size fashions at September’s ny style Week and he dressed 9 of the stars on the crimson carpet for this yr’s Emmys.

If a dressmaker’s ethos could be smartly encapsulated in a coiffure, we think Erin Fetherston’s long gone and finished it. Her signature platinum pixie is minimalist-femme, with the form of luster that reminds you of the perennial proper lady-just like her fashion staples.

Where To Buy Steroids To Get Results Without Side Effects?

Where To Buy Steroids To Get Results Without Side Effects?

XRoids is an appropriate place for Body Builders, to buy steroids online without prescription. in case you aren’t a newcomer in the global of constructing up your frame, then you definitely would possibly have heard that steroids injected show to be safer and more effective than oral ones. We be given e Checks from paypal, which is a service furnished via paypal the usage of your credit score card or bank transfer and, it takes 3 to 4 days to be cleared, as soon as the check is cleared then we are able to deliver the steroids parcel. shopping for Steroids: There is a lot of websites on the internet that promote steroids, let’s face it – steroids is a enterprise much like any other. We encourage safe use of steroids inclusive of those for stacks, human growth hormone , cycles, submit cycle remedy , fats burners and sexual upgrades supplements. even though it is legal to own, use, and anabolic steroids for sale here in certain international locations, maximum governments don’t forget them managed substances. All you actually need to do is type wherein to shop for steroids” and several web sites will seem in the seek consequences.

we are a brand new on-line pharmacy shop where you’ll easily discover the reputable supply of anabolics in our keep. Steroid income are developing each day due to the plethora of online steroid stores. As cited previously, we offer only high excellent anabolic steroids from legal manufacturers and providers. Steroids are extensively used thus far by way of professional and beginner athletes to reap suitable effects. dependable wholesale steroids provider from eu Union We deliver high first-class anabolic steroids, weight loss marketers, pct products, peptides seeing that 2007 everywhere in the global. everyone is aware of that buying actual steroids on-line without delay with a credits playing cards is impossible, but this academic will display you a easy method how to pay an order the use of your credit playing cards thru Bitcoin machine. along these lines, it within reason vital to remain safe whilst you buy steroids on-line.

further to this, there are pharmacy stores to be had that offer an online facility so that you can alter your dose. The question, where can i purchase steroids” is often requested because the ones unexpected with it have issues approximately its legality and what rules are imposed. There may be cases wherein these steroids is probably viewed as unlawful to be sold; on the other hand, some countries might not locate it illegal. Dianabol – Dianabol is a in particular powerful oral compound that is best for all people who desires huge profits, however who prefers staying faraway from injectable steroids. positive, illegal anabolic steroids allow you to get ripped, but in preference to searching out steroids on the market, you may take Clenn-Max. another crucial difficulty that we do not forget at the same time as selling anabolic steroids on line is the assure of general confidentiality and non-disclosure for any private facts of our customers.

What makes Swipe the Words answers the best puzzle solving app to improve your brain

What makes Swipe the Words answers the best puzzle solving app to improve your brain

Description: having an interest in knowing about what goes swipe the words explains the best puzzle solving app to improve your brain? In here you are likely to get all the information to your doubts relevantly.

word swipe.png


If you think you are smart enough to take the hardest challenges in puzzles solving that can certainly be the best thing to train your brain, then it is time should play Swipe the words answers because it lets you research the letters and swipe from your fingers all day long. Do not get panic by seeing too many words this game will test your creativity and knowledge as well as improve your vocabulary in every way possible. So never slip this opportunity and miss this one the reason is very simple you can have endless fun by organizing and forming the letters according to your way.

One thing is for sure the words games are trending all over the world, and people takes an interest in them only to make themselves more useful in the situation where words counts and by playing games like this you can bet you can surely impress anybody. answerskey provides you all level with updates on daily basis if you are stuck in any of level.

Having said that we below have listed some of the real facts about what makes swipe the words answers the best puzzle solving app to improve your brain to make you understand exactly how many levels you will find in this one, what about the cool new features of it regarding to its rules, who is the genius behind its creation, which are the primary devices this one is available to play, when is the right time you should be using cheats, and why you have to try this immediately.

• Exactly how many levels you will find in this one?

In the beginning, you will find more than 200 levels in the game and each one is quite difficult from the other one a perfect exercise for your mind.

• What about the cool new features of it regarding its rules?

Some cool new features can give you advantage in the game and every ‘’swipe the words all levels’’ they all come in handy here few of them,

1) Impressive levels designs

2) Colorful effects and great graphics

3) Addictive puzzles

4) Get hints to find the words

5) Different types of themes in each level

6) seven little words all levels

• Who is the genius behind its creation?

The game developed by Bosporus mobiles that are known for their creativity in making educational word games.

• Which are the major devices this one is available to play?

You can download it from the handheld devices great stores like Google play store and Apple’s App Store for free.

• When is the right time you should be using cheats?

There will always a time come when you can get stuck on a specific level or miss anything particular for that you can use ‘’Swipe the words cheats’’ to get more hints to solve the puzzles.

• Why have you to try this immediately?

Increasing the brain’s power and keep it in the perfect condition is something everyone wants and Swipe the words answers is truly an experience that you should never miss.