Personal Trainer Stoke

Personal Trainer Stoke

AK Health and Fitness staff are highly qualified and specialists in their field. DW Fitness clubs boast some of best training facilities for 121 and Group Training. Jon specialises in HITT Training and is also a trained sports massage therapist. Flexibility – Your personal training can be designed to fit around you at home or work, around your children personal training in stoke and it could even include them.

Over the past 15 years Focus Training has trained thousands of fitness industry professionals, and a number of them hail from Stoke-on-Trent. I went to them on personal recommendation when finally I could no longer escape from my increasing girth, decreasing flexibility – and the comments of a frustratingly naturally thin wife!

Fantastic trainers: We have a number of male and female personal trainers, who are highly experienced and qualified. Continued help – We provide you with a comprehensive personal training service in Stoke that incorporates support with your package of exercises.

I enjoy helping clients achieve their long-term goals through a combination of structured training programmes, diet and nutrition guidance and lifestyle support. The recently revamped Business Principles module gives you the skills and confidence to build and manage your business as a Personal Trainer or instructor.

Please select the personal trainer course you are interested in and a member of the Diverse Team will call you shortly to discuss the next steps. Disclaimer: These are the personal opinions of coaches and experiences of individual gym members and results may vary from person to person.