Remembering The Legend Harley Reagan!

There are some special people that walk this Earth and leave behind valuable knowledge and wisdom. They are here to guide and mentor you. They help the weak and uplift you when you are broken and see darkness all around you. They are even remembered with love and respect after they complete their life journey and leave the world for their eternal home. Such men and women are remembered with deep love and their teachings and presence stays on this Earth forever!

Harley Reagan- an extraordinary person with an extraordinary life

Harley Reagan was one such special person who walked this Earth and left behind valuable offerings for mankind. He was a man of extraordinary talent and he was remarkable when it came to helping and healing others. Besides the above he founded The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society to connect people from all parts of the globe and bring them together when it came to healing and touching the lives of people. He says that GrandMother Earth is a place that gives you immense joy and bliss. His teachings and healing techniques have helped millions across the world and they still inspire both the young and old today.

Touching the hearts of everyone he met

He was such a wonderful individual that wherever he went, he always touched the heart of people. He was a man who stood for liberty and freedom. He was an expert in the field of martial arts and taught others how they should protect themselves in face of harm. He was a man who was self-responsible and everyone who knew him misses his presence on this Earth extensively. He was warrior and a man of honor. He will always be remembered as a talented martial artist, healer and teacher forever.

The Ten-No-Kishi-Dojo

Besides the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society, he was the leader of the Ten-no-Kishi dojo in Scottsdale in Arizona. He knew Karate and Judo. He also had a sound background in the fields of religion, psychology, philosophy and mystery school traditions that used to exist in the ancient times. He has the sole mission of teaching his students and dedicating his whole life towards teaching them. His students loved and respected him. Some say that he was one of the most beloved and respected teachers in this world that they have come across. He was very generous, affectionate and kind. Many often associated his nature like a grandfather who was wise, kind, strong and loving. When it came to his classes, he enriched the lives of his students through one-to-one consultations, ceremonies and physical training.

Harley Reagan studied with a number of teachers that were collectively called Twisted Hairs. They were known as the medicine men and women that came from all parts of the globe. They were also from several tribes from various parts of America including the Northern, Central and the Southern regions. They traveled and studies with one another and later on went on to weave what is known as the braids of truth.