Soka Gakkai International USA- Spreading The Message of Peace and Compassion

Buddhism is a religion that is easy to embrace and follow primarily because it spreads the message of peace and love across the globe. People from all walks of life can incorporate the tenets of Buddhism in their homes as it spreads non-violence and knowledge of the self. The Soka International Gakkai International in Japan has a community that promotes the message of Buddhism to people across the globe. This center has about 500 Chapters in over 192 locations in the world.

The Soka Gakkai International USA- Teaching people about the tenets of Buddhism

Soka Gakkai International USA plays a vital role when it comes to teaching the tenets of Nichiren Buddhism to people across the globe. This Center has more than 12 million people who are members. They practice Buddhism and share their views and ideals with one another via this common platform. The members of this community practice the Lotus Sutra that was propagated by Shakyamuni or Siddhartha – he was the founder of Buddhism.  The members of this group state that everyone has the Buddha residing in him or her and they have the compassion and the courage to overcome the hindrances that come forward in their lives. This center also teaches its members that war and violence only bring misery. The whole mission of the center is to spread the message of love, peace and compassion to everyone in the community. The center focuses on peace activities and making people aware of their individual rights as humans in this world. With their efforts peace is being promoted to all four corners of the world as well.

An insight into its history and how it evolved

The Soka Gakkai International was established by Tsunesaburo Makiguchi in 1930 and it is known as the “Society for The Creation of Value” across the world. The center was founded by educators of Buddhism at the start. Tsunesaburo Makiguchi was a firm believer of Nichiren Buddhism that gradually gave birth to the Saka Gakkai International. With the passage of time, the SGI became a large community center in Japan and spread to all four corners of the world. The educators here taught people that everyone has a hidden potential that lies dormant within. With regular practice of Buddhism you will become aware of your inner courage, wisdom and power. This helps you to overcome all the major challenges you face in life. The wise teachers here state that everyone has the ability to obtain wisdom in life and so with daily practice you can transform your whole life and make a positive difference to your life and the world.

The popularity of the Soka Gakkai International USA has increased rapidly. More and more people are joining the center and they are enriching their whole lives as well. This center has helped many men and women discover their true inner potential and self. They have been able to transform the lives of people and make a positive difference to society when it comes to non-violence, peace, love and compassion.