Swimming At Its Best and Worst- Brandon Drawz Clarifies With Complete Details

Ask a swimmer, and he’ll say that Swimming is the best Sport ever. Can it be the worst as well? While on one hand swimming allows an athlete to intake 8,000 calories a day, it can even leave you stink with the abrasive disinfectants in the water. So the battle is on, and it is completely how you perceive the game that would determine whether it is the best or the worst.

Let’s find out how Brandon Drawz swimming looks at the sport and whether he could come to any conclusion or not.

  • While swimming can make you super confident, it can even make you feel awkward as well. Especially when you need to spend most of the day half naked wearing the Spandex in public, it can react in both ways.
  • It has been seen in studies that it is the swimmers who get to see most of the sunrises than 90 percent of the public at large. But how much can they enjoy the majestic natural beauty while lifting up the freestyle or breast strokes one after another? This is indeed a serious question, and hence giving a second thought to it might make some sense.
  • In some of the medical studies carried across the world, it has been seen that the kids who swim are much smarter than their counterparts who do not. On the contrary, there are solid established facts which say that exposure of brain cells to too much of chlorinated water can actually harm the brain cells to a great extent. Which one do you get to judge the most?
  • It is true that swimming in the chlorine water actually allows the body cells to soak in abrasive disinfectants, making you hygienic at its best. But at the same time, the smell is never the one who want to carry along with you. So what matters to you the most, hygiene or body odor? Well, this is left completely at your discretion.
  • Nothing can be better an exercise that swimming, specifically for those who wants to lose some weight. While on the one hand, you can actually dream of having those beautifully carved out six or eight pack abs, you must wonder about the grocery bills that will sum up considerably. This is simply because pasta, bacon, Nutella, doesn’t come cheap in the market. And hence, you need to think of some sponsorship or an added income for sure, before you get financially broke.
  • It has been accepted across the world that while one swims, he actually gets to immerse in an environment that is not just quiet, but also free of all technological elements as well. So it is a route that you might find comfortable in order to escape from the chaos and order.

For Brandon Drawz swimming is something much more than just a sport, however it depends a lot on how one apprehends it. Nothing in this world has got just pros and no cons- so does swimming on its own.