Swing Tips From Robert Mims CPA That Will Make You A Better Professional Golfer

Golf is all about the cue, the ball, and the hole. You swing; you hit and make your ball reach out closest to your hole. But that isn’t as easy as it seems to be. You need to go through rigorous training, and there are certain technicalities that experts like Robert Mims CPA can provide you. Let’s a short take note of all the tips that Robert gives to all the beginners and semi-professionals.

Keep the Hands As Low As You Can

Not all shots need to achieve the height, some needs to be kept low as well, and limiting the height of the follow through will efficiently help in making what you target. So, the lower you hold your hand, the little the ball flies. However, there are some alternative ways to get the same result as well. Either you need to move the ball back in your stance, or you need to choose a stronger club and let you swing go easy. But, Robert believes that cannot be relied upon and might prove to be difficult as well. Instead, while you are finishing the shot, make sure you keep your hands low, and you get to have a low trajectory of the ball as well.

It’s Not Your Hand Only, Use Your Body to Give Power

While starting with the golf training, or while one sees the game live on the ground or the television sets, seeing the golfers throw their balls with full swing gives them the perception that it is the forearm power that helps them to take the shot with such great strength. However, the reality is something different, and the professional golfers know that it is the body that gives them the power in the true sense. This can be achieved if the club is placed right behind the ball and the body is maintained with a dead-stop position. Instead of taking the backswing, the effort must be put at dragging the ball into the air. The consistency in getting the ball into mid-air with the correct use of the body is much more than when the forearms are used to do the same.

Most of the amateurs, according to Robert Mims CPA, find it problematic to hit the crisp iron shots. After analyzing it for quite a sometime, he has finally come up with two mistakes which turn out to be fatal. The first of them being, the takeaway is too low to the ground. As a result of it, the hinging of the wrist gets slow and hence makes the backswing slow, which is essential to provide the ball its momentum. And this leads to the second reason as well. There isn’t proper guidance in giving the power necessary for the shot. The more you set your hand far in the backswing, the weaker get the power in the shot. As a result of it, the chances of miss-hit increases.

There are many more tips which one can get to know as and when he keeps practicing. Know them well to make the difference in your game.