The Best Popcorn Makers

The Best Popcorn Makers

For great tasting popcorn, some long-time favorites such as Presto PopLite and the West Bend Stir Crazy Corn Popper stay tough to beat. But perhaps the biggest problem was with the air circulation Because the fan blows from the sides it is impossible for the final pieces of popcorn to be pushed out of the popper.Which is a shame because popcorn popper review the side vents cooked the popcorn kernels quicker than any other air popper we tested, well under 3 minutes for 1/3 cup.

I confess I thought it looked a little goofy at first—is this a popcorn popper or a hurdy-gurdy ?—but this little popper surprised me. It took only three minutes to pop the corn and left just a half-dozen old maids, though there were a good many half-popped kernels.

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Presto : Whenever you need to buy a manufactured product, two things always come to your mind : Does it work for what I need it for?” , Can I afford it?” and what is the best popcorn popper ?” However, there is also the story” of the product, the brand”.

It is made of long-lasting and BPA free plastic housing and incorporated with a triple-layer heating plate for enhancing performance and insulates the body of the popper which helps to fully pop up to 6.75 quarts of popcorn just in about 3-4 minutes.