User friendly FQ777 FQ17W multicopter – Perfect for Beginners

In present times there is hardly any place where you won’t get to see a high quality quadcopter. These little devices are super handy and definitely a revolutionary invention of technology as well. Quadcopters are further sub-categorized into several different types. The multicopter is one of the most popular types of drones available these days. In this article however, are attention is all upon one single miniature drone that is trending high these days. We are talking about the FQ777 FQ17W portable and user-friendly drone that definitely deserves immense appreciation because of all that it has to offer.


Perfect for beginners

The biggest highlight of this superior quality device is that it works just seamlessly for beginners. People who are not equipped with advanced technology definitely find it a little hard to wrap their head around even the basics of such a high-end device. This has to be the best part about this drone – its user efficiency. This miniature drone comes with a 6 axial gyro as well as inbuilt automated function controls. As a result of such thoughtful formation, this mini copter is being termed as the “users’ device” because of the immense simplicity and ease of usage.

Attractive built

Another great quality about this drone that is simply impossible to overlook is its attractive built. The physical design of this quadcopter is designed to impress and so it does. For a miniature drone, it offers great flexibility. This device is foldable in all angles and to all varying degrees as well.

Size and dimensions

It weighs very modestly as well at around 45 grams which is super light! The dimensions of this quadcopter are very modest as well. All in all it is clear to tell that this device is made for the users and they are exactly who it is making very pleased with its design along with performance as well!

Inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity

Another highlight trait of this mini quadcopter is the reliable Wi-Fi that is inbuilt within the device. The inbuilt wireless connectivity helps to establish secure connections with any other connected devices. Moreover, internet availability also helps it to connect with a real-time application that enables active capture of images and videos to happen smoothly as well.

Keeping up with changing trends!

The one thing that highlights this mini multicopter amongst all other similar devices is the fact that it surely stays in matching pace with the evolving fashion trends. Ever since portability has become a key element that users look for, quadcopters have also started to come in foldable and easily storable designs. The best part about this specific model is that it stays true to the evolving fashion traditions and comes in a very user-friendly foldable look. This not only increases the overall portability of the product but is definitely hands on with making usage easier as well. The overall image of this superior high-end device is definitely impressive whilst it performs very efficiently as well.