Vastu – Pallavi Chhelavda States the Truth Behind The Ancient Indian Art

Vastu Shastra, the earliest Indian science of inhabitation, is regrettably one of the most misinterpreted concepts of the present day. Call it the fear, ignorance or blind belief of individuals regarding bad luck and doom, vastu has ended up as a science, which requires annihilation and absurdly planned non-functional constructions. In truth, Vastu is not about destruction. This prehistoric science of construction is based on concepts which are intended at bringing harmony in life. In Sanskrit, ‘vasa’ refers to dwelling and “shastra” means science. So, this is a science which deals with inhabitation or dwelling.

The ancient Hindu puranas speak of five elements or ‘panchatatva’ which comprise the world. They are water, earth, air, fire and space. In accordance with the puranas and as contemporary day science and also Pallavi Chhelavda have also proved, each of these five elements has massive influence on an individual’s physical and mental health. In fact the human body has been formed from the confluence of the panchatatva, although the interpretations of water, fire, earth, space and air are diverse in the human body and are linked with the nature of energy. So, when the environment at home is perfectly compatible with the aspects and laws of nature, all parts of the body experience the best of health.

In any space, if the five fundamental elements can be balanced so that they have the most suitable influence on individuals living in it, there is prosperity, happiness and harmony. Each of these five elements has definite aspects where its force is prevailing. The ethics of vastu bring a harmony among the five elements and therefore, create happiness at home. In other words, vastu shastra optimizes on the supremacy of nature to spread peace and cheer among individuals.

There are a lot of aspects which manipulate the flow of negative and positive energies in a space. A professional begins by analyzing the home and identifying areas where there energy flow faces impediments. A deep insight into the science and a number of scientific calculations are crucial to identify factors which cause obliteration of peace at home. The practitioner, Pallavi Chhelavda gives you remedies, generally in form of placement of definite objects, which either reflect or absorb energies and bring a balance in the space.

When there is discord and disharmony in home, individuals generally presuppose that they suffer from ‘vastu dosha’. This is another major false impression. Dosha, opposing to general perceptions, does not mean ‘curse’. In Sanskrit, it means adverse conditions. So, when there is a disparity of the five elements, conditions at home become inauspicious and the family falls upon bad days. Regrettably, in many cases, this is not the instance. Inappropriate vastu is not the only factor, which causes problems, although applying the theory of this science can alleviate troubles up to a certain level.

The concepts of this ancient science are ceaseless and they will endure through time without end. All that matters is well-informed application of these intensely philosophical principles.