Westside Family Church Lenexa KS encourages lending support to the neighborhood

Churches have being instrumental in building communities, bringing people closer and forming a strong bond among its congregation. Every day one may face with many different challenges; it is during this time that one needs the support of God the most. The Church believes that by coming closer to divine one would at least get one true companion, which is Jesus. Jesus is the companion of all his people, guiding them through the darkest times.

While Jesus is undoubtedly the biggest companion of a person, people often wish for others with whom they can discuss their worries. Jesus is a higher power, greater than all of us; sometimes the support of an equal is necessary. The Church gives them this support. Through the Church one can meet likeminded people from various different walks of life who can provide companionship to each other. Each friendship eventually may develop into bonds that last a lifetime.

BLESS your community with Westside Family Church Lenexa KS

The Westlife Family Church began an inspirational journey of bringing communities closer so that they can mutually cooperate with each, and help each other for the betterment of themselves and as well as well as their neighborhood. The BLESS program is a more than six months journey, aimed at practicing positive movements across the neighborhood to grow closer to Jesus. This movement takes place involving the following steps:

  • B – Beginning in prayer
  • L – Listen
  • E- Eat
  • S – Serve
  • S- Story

The cohort involved in this drive hold a meeting once a month for a training session pertaining to their movement, they also reflect upon the activities undertaken in the last month and their results.

From helping the neighbors take out their trash to help them drive to the hospital in need, sometimes meeting for a movie night to babysitting their kids. This movement includes various activities which would be mutually beneficial for a neighborhood and help them get closer.  One of the members who have participated in this program talks about his experience where he highlights how lending a helping hand in the daily neighborhood engagements has helped him grow closer to the Christ. By taking inspiration from the time how Jesus lived while walking on the Earth, the group involved tries to inculcate those tactics into their everyday interaction. By being exposed to the opportunity to serve their bonds to God has gotten even stronger. The BLESS drive by the Westside Family Church Lenexa KS lays emphasis on the teachings of the Bible which includes the importance of bearing the burden of each other and giving their neighbors heartfelt love.

The devotees involved in this outreach program hold a strong believe that with this movement they are working along with Jesus, lending his hand in order to help other. They called the Westside Family Church Lenexa KS a ‘missional force’ which encouraged them to love and support each other. By getting a chance to help Jesus in his holy work has provided them with fulfillment like no other. Now their each movement, each act is inspired by the words of the Holy Spirit. The scriptures tell us how Jesus blessed all through Abraham, similarly now Jesus helps others through others. By helping others one helps Jesus in his endeavor.